Programmer Competency Matrix

A while back, I stumbled upon the Programmer Competency Matrix (I think I found it through Hacker News. After reading it, I decided

  1. it was awesome
  2. to make a shorthand of my 'score'
Below is the my score in that shorthand. I state the category and my level of Competency. In addition, I broke up the longer sections into groups of four (mirroring the table layout of the matrix).

Computer Science: 011
Sofware Engineering: 312
Programming: 3333 3332 3312 331
Experience: 1212
Knowledge: 1111 123

As a precaution against the original (the one I first saw) being 404'd and to make sure my shorthand matches up correctly I have archived a copy of the Programmer Competency Matrix that I found at

My archive of the Programmer Competency Matrix.

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