Actual News

  • Decided to do my next personal projects in Ruby on Rails and iOS (Objective C) to expand my programming language base. I've worked with Objective C before but want to go further than my previous experiences.

Old News

  • Updated this site to run on ZF2. Might write up something on regarding the experience.
  • Finally came up with a new theme and style for the site. Enjoy. Also Dan Heister kicks ass and helped fix my CSS issues.
  • I still continue to practice my Zend Framework, jQuery, unit testing skills. After a recent project, I've decided to refactor an iCalendar parser/creator that I had found.
  • If you would like to use my services, feel free to contact me .

About my name

TLDR: Address me as Chance. Write checks out to Joseph Garcia.

Joseph is my given and legal name. All payments and contracts should be addressed to Joseph Garcia.
Chance is what the majority of the world knows me as and is the name I've worked under professionally for quite a while. It is my preferred method of being addressed.

About the favicon (splat pig)

On a side note, you may be wondering about the page icon. The icon is a picture of a splat pig. The splat pig was the mascot for the group of developers I worked with at ResiteIT.

運 (Japanese Kanji un)

Japanese Kanji un If you're seeing an out of place question mark on any of this site's pages, that means you don't have asian language support enabled on your machine. What you should be seeing is a Japanese Kanji character. For those who are wondering what this character is about, allow me to explain. This is the Japanese Kanji for luck/fortune. It is also the closest kanji representation to Chance that I have been able to find. I have provided an image of the character for those who are unable to see the printed version that is being displayed on the site.

About Me

Photo Credit:Rob Allen

Chance Garcia is a web systems specialist (architect, engineer, manager). I have experience in archtecture design of sites and applications, have engineered the architectured designs, and managed the site and teams that produced them. I'm always open to the opportunity to practice user interface design and web application engineering. Please refer to my resume for more information about my professional life.

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