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Changed up from using Zend Framework to using Symfony since about 2015. I have been working on creating APIs since then with some view work using Twig, jQuery and ExtJS. I chose to utilize the Symfony framework because it is easy to initially deploy while not hiding the engine under some sort of magical "wtf does this come from" structure. I've also been dragging a lot of legacy applications (kicking and screaming) into the present from php 5.6 to current. I've contributed in a few Github repos, released some tools and bundles on Packagist and even contributed to PHP core.
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Special thanks to Dan Heister for helping me to understand CSS and always being there to help me fix my CSS issues.

About my name

TLDR: Address me as Chance. Write checks out to Joseph Garcia.

Joseph is my given and legal name. All payments and contracts should be addressed to Joseph Garcia.
Chance is what the majority of the world knows me as and is the name I've worked under professionally for quite a while. It is my preferred method of being addressed.

About the favicon (splat pig)

Some of you may be wondering about the page fav icon. The icon is a picture of a splat pig. The splat pig was the mascot for the group of developers I worked with at ResiteIT.

運 (Japanese Kanji un)

Japanese Kanji un
A long time ago, back in the 1990's and early 2000's, UTF-8 support was rare. I had to caveat that some might not see the japanese kanji that I "use" as my "brand". In today's age, (I hope that) I no longer have to make such a statement though I'll keep up an image of the kanji here just in case.
For those who are wondering what this character is about, allow me to explain. This is the Japanese Kanji for luck/fortune. It is also the closest kanji representation to Chance that I have been able to find.

About Me

Photo Credit:Rob Allen
Chance Garcia is a web systems specialist (architect, engineer, manager). I have experience in archtecture design of sites and applications, have engineered the architectured designs, and managed the site and teams that produced them. I'm always open to the opportunity to practice user interface design and web application engineering. Please refer to my resume for more information about my professional life.

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